Today’s video is on how to set goals that you can actually follow through with. New year’s is just around the corner and I know a bunch of us want to achieve a million things for 2012. That’s great! January also means my classes at the gym will get all filled up again! My fave time of the year. Everyone’s excited, motivated, and ready to rock it out. This also means all the cardio machines will be taken (with lines), but whatever, I love the energy!

Here are some guidelines for successful goal setting!

  1. Make 1 attainable goal
  2. Make 1 outrageous (but doable) goal
  3. Write them down, hang it up, and look at it everyday
  4. Want to achieve your goals BADLY

I explain in further detail why this combination works in the video above! Basically, 1 & 2 allows you to conquer quickly but not sell yourself short. 3 & 4 keeps you focused with the will to achieve burning deep inside.

Also!!!! To help get you all fired up for the new year, I want to announce my first everoGorgeous bag giveaway! It’s just for you POPsters!

To enter to win one of these beauties, there are 2 things you need to do! (Well, 3 if you wanna be spectacular!)

  1. Go to and write a comment below the bag you love. (essential step!)
  2. Come back here, and tell me which bag you want to win in the comments below!
  3. If you want 10 extra entries, send in your burpee video! That’s right. 10. To read more on the World Burpee Tour, click here. To send in a video, just email

Contest runs Dec 26, 2011 to Jan 1, 2012 11:59PM PST. INTERNATIONAL CONTEST of course!

Love you guys! Have fun shopping sales and get ready for the most awesome POP Cardio Dance vid evvverrrr!!! Thank you for your suggestions. As always, you guys help create your own fitness videos. Cool to see your requests come alive huh?

2012 looks amazing